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DeShawn Shepard - Top Ten

DeShawn Shepard’s platform involves the feeding the homeless and impoverished across the state and around the world.  

In 2003, DeShawn and her husband founded Project Goodwill to provide lunches, toiletries and sleeping bags to men and women living on the streets and in shelters in both DC and Maryland. In less than three years they have gone from delivering 65 lunches to delivering more than 200 lunches to those in need.

DeShawn is also working with the Friends of the World Food Programme to raise awareness and funds to combat child hunger around the world.  She led the 3-mile Walk the World: Fight Hunger campaign in Baltimore, MD on May 21, 2006.  
The 2007 Mrs Maryland International Pageant will be held March 31, 2007 at Kent Island High School, Stevensville, Maryland.

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