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Celia Anzalone Bowers - Top 15

People's Choice Award

1.Tell us why anyone would want come to your hometown?
We were very new in our dating season! It had been raining heavily and was a little icy. As I walked up to his car, I opened the door and slipped and fell right on my rear. I immediately recovered, got up, opened the door and sat down. I was mortified and tried to pretend it didn’t happen. He said, “Oh, no. We’re definitely about to talk about that.” We both died laughing!

2.What are the (2) most important things in your closet and why?
My husband is an amazing cook! I’ve never been gifted in this area. I’ll admit, I’ve had the same pan that I’ve used since my early 20’s. I bought it for about $15, which was a lot of money on my budget back then. Although I can cook anything and everything in that pan, whatever I cook never turns out quite as delicious as when he cooks it.

3.What do you love to cook and why?
For those who haven’t spent time with me or haven’t already become familiar with me on social media, I would say they might not think that I'm as down to earth and relatable as I actually am. Like many women, I often get judged from my outside appearance. However, I’ve been told that from the moment I talk to people, I make them feel comfortable, and they feel like they’ve known me for years.

4.If you had an extra hour each day, what would you do?
I lead a team of 3 in my mortgage business every day. Leading effectively has taken time and I still have room to grow. I allow my teammates to disagree with me, while speaking their minds respectfully. Although I lead them, I’m not better than them. We each add value to the team. This type of leadership mindset allows them to flourish in their positions. In return, they don't hesitate to follow my lead.

5.Describe the dirtiest job you have ever had to do?
I would try hang gliding, sky diving, or maybe even hot air ballooning! Yes, you guessed it, the common denominator in all these activities is heights, which is not my favorite. Although, I don't mind flying. But I believe that is only because I first traveled solo at five years old. I remember feeling panicked on my first flight, but from then on it was fun!

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