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Victoria Benson

Six years ago, at age thirty-one, Victoria was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. This is a frightening disease that causes your bones to become porous and brittle, therefore painful fractures are probable and can be common. Some of the common and most severe fractures are hip fractures and spinal fractures. Osteoporosis is dangerous because there are no warning signs until a fracture occurs. You cannot feel bone loss. Facing a disease that is generally prevalent in petite, post-menopausal, Caucasian and Asian women over the age of 50, Victoria decided to educate herself on all aspects of this disease. She studied topics such as, how someone develops Osteoporosis, who is at risk, and how to combat it. Once these factors were established, she began going out and educating others on how to prevent, treat and fight Osteoporosis. Victoria has appeared before hundreds and hundreds of Senior Citizens, many womens groups, and she will be now be focusing on the younger generation. Promoting the importance of a well balanced diet as the best prevention of Osteoporosis among our youth is vital since the pre-teen and teen years are the years our bones are growing, absorbing and storing calcium for the rest of our lives. Women of all ages need to be educated about this disease. For more information on Osteoporpsis please visit

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