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Jennifer Wakefield

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?
have had to learn that rest is just as important to success as working hard! I make sure now to schedule relaxation, whether it is watching Netflix, reading a good book, talking with my husband about his day and catching up and reconnecting with him or playing with my mini-goldendoodle, Cali.

What is the biggest change you want to make in your life?
My two teenage daughters are my world and my wish for them is to have a life theyve dreamed of. My desire for them is to be able to raise their children, if they so chose to have them, in a world that is safe and free of violence and to have an even better life than I do.

What do you think is the best feeling in the world?
The excitement of seeing new things, experiencing new adventures and meeting new friends. My philosophy is to always keep learning, when you travel to a new place you learn about a different culture, whether it be a new town, state or country there will be so many exciting places to see and people to meet.

What was the single, best realization you have ever had?
At 46 I am enjoying life now more than ever before. As a 6 year breast cancer survivor I have learned that life is fragile, too short and that there are challenging realities we must face. Therefore, I have learned to enjoy things more, the love of family, the beauty in a sunrise, the crisp air, and to feel as alive as I am.


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