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Mrs. Maryland International ® Director

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Director: Sherry Benson

The exciting 2009 Mrs. Maryland International Pageant will be held April 3rd - 4th, 2009.
Please contact Sherry for more details.
Sherry Benson, Mrs. Maryland International 1996, is the director of the Mrs. Maryland International Pageant and the Miss Teen International® Pageant. In 2004, Sherry was chosen director of the year by the Mrs. International® Pageant system at the national competition in Chicago for her dedication and professionalism.
Sherry's dedication to the International Pageant system has helped change the lives of so many. She takes the time to meet with each new contestant to personally answer their questions, review all concerns and gives them the tools they need to truly embrace their local titles. Sherry's goal is that each contestant's pageant experience will be memorable, and one that will improve and touch their lives forever.

Phone: 410-643-8306