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Mrs Texas International™ 2018
Lynne Dowell - Top 16 - Fitness Wear Winner

what good habit do you wish you'd started earlier?
Befriending survivors of sex trafficking has given me an outlook on life I would never have imagined. Iím fighting alongside women who show so much strength and heart so others do not suffer the way they did; so my daughter never knows the pain they did. Seeing their passion and willingness to defend our future generations pushes me when the weight of trafficking seems like too much to bear.

what concerns do you have with the future?
It would be any given fall Saturday. I get to sleep in, and my husband and I can sip our coffee watching College Gameday before the little one wakes up. Then, we would pack up and spend the day in College Station or Waco watching one of our football teams win! Of course, on a perfect day they would both win.

what do you most enjoy about traveling?
I think the biggest way I can make a difference is in the home. I love my work, but I also know when it is time to take a personal day to relax with my daughter or find a way to show love to my husband. Life is all about balance, but my priorities are taking care of my family and myself. Like the old saying, you canít pour from an empty cup.

what do you like most about your age?
A chest in our master bedroom. Inside is a collection of letters between my husband and I, important trinkets from meaningful dates, and mementos of our daughter. I have always said if there is ever a fire, it is the one possession in our household I am grabbing.

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