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"); $header = "From: $submit_by\r\nReply-to: $submit_by"; $SEND_prnt = "A Message From mrsinternational.com \n"; $SEND_prnt .= "From: $emailname \n"; $SEND_prnt .= "Address: $address \n"; $SEND_prnt .= "City/State/Zip: $city, $state $zip \n"; $SEND_prnt .= "Country: $country \n"; $SEND_prnt .= "Email: $submit_by \n"; $SEND_prnt .= "Phone: $phone_number \n\n"; $SEND_prnt .= "$comments \n"; mail($sendto, "A Message From mrsinternational.com", $SEND_prnt, $header); $header = "From: countrydirector@Mrsinternational.com\r\nReply-to: countrydirector@Mrsinternational.com"; $SEND_prnt = "Thank you for your recent interest in the Mrs. International Pageant. Applications are now being accepted for “at large” country tiles. These country titles are the official preliminary to the Mrs. International Pageant that will be held at the North Shore Performing Arts Center in Chicago, Illinois. The dates are July 16th – July 21st, 2007.\n\n"; $SEND_prnt .= "From the applications received for each country, a contestant representative will be chosen to be the ambassador for her country and receive the official crown and sash. Mrs International 2007 will receive Prizes and Cash at the Chicago event. The Mrs International Pageant is for married woman 21 to 56 years old and has no swimsuit or talent competition.\n\n"; $SEND_prnt .= "Competitions will include: Platform Based Private Interview 50% - Aerobic Wear 25% - Evening Gown 25% \n\n"; $SEND_prnt .= "The Contestant’s sponsor is required to pay an entry fee of $1,800 dollars (US) which covers Crown & Sash, Fitness wear outfit, plus lodging and all meals and event transportation in Chicago. Contestant’s sponsor is also responsible for transportation to Chicago.\n\n"; $SEND_prnt .= "Again, thank you for your interest in Mrs. International. If you would like to be considered to represent your country please read and sign the attached copy of the rules and regulations, fill out the attached application, and send both documents with a recent (4x6 or 3x5 size) photograph to:\n\n"; $SEND_prnt .= "Mary Richardson\nMiss International\nP.O. Box 12426\nRoanoke, Virginia 24025 USA\n\n"; $SEND_prnt .= "You can download these documents at: http://Mrsinternational.com/defaultpics/MainApp.PDF\n\n\n"; $SEND_prnt .= "Warmly,\n\nMary Richardson\nNational Executive Director\n"; mail($submit_by, "A Message From Mrsinternational.com", $SEND_prnt, $header); // header("location:sthanks.php"); $rsent=1; $emailname=""; $phone_number=""; $submit_by=""; $comments=""; $address=""; $city=""; $state=""; $zip=""; $country=""; } else { if ($emailname<>"" || $submit_by<>"" || $phone_number<>"" || $comments<>"" || $address<>"" || $city<>"" || $state<>"" || $zip<>"" || $country<>"") { if ($emailname=="") {$rname=1;} if ($submit_by=="") {$remail=1;} } } ?> The Mrs. International Pageant




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